Pentesting Informational Resources

Understanding the basics of how to attack is important for any security professional. Specializing in it is required for penetration testers.

Learning Resources

Active Directory Security – Active Directory offensive and defensive resources.

Exploit Writing Fuzzy Security – – Exploit writing tutorial by Fuzzy Security.

Exploit Writing Tutorial Part 1 – – Exploit writing tutorial by Corelan Team.

High On Coffee Blog – – Great cheatsheets and tips for common open source security tools.

Intelligence Gathering 

Iron Geek – Source for conference videos and more.

Offensive Security’s Metasploit Unleashed – – Good free course for learning to use Metasploit.

Securitytube.net Great site for a range of free hacking how-to videos.

Vulnhub Download pre-made vulnerable virtual machines to practice on.

Standards and Methodologies

OWASP – OWASP provides a penetration testing methodology for web applications at no cost.

The Penetration Testing Execution Standard – Fairly in-depth methodology for performing penetration tests.

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