Create Great Documents with LaTex in the Cloud

LaTex is a typesetting language that can be used to create unique and professional looking documents. Microsoft Word and etc. do all the typesetting for you, but with LaTex you use code to do all the formatting. If you are looking to put together a really awesome resume/CV then look no further than LaTex. Don’t worry, there are tons of free cv/resume templates if you don’t want to dive deep on LaTex.

Sometimes it is a pain to keep your LaTex software updated when you rarely use it. I stumbled across the Google Docs of LaTex today and so far really like it. The site is called and it provides free templates and the ability to sign up for their free or paid cloud service.’s cloud service allows editing and publishing as a PDF in the browser. I don’t think I’d use it for sensitive data, but for a resume sure. If you don’t want to use the cloud service you can just download the templates and use them locally. Check it out.

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