Informational and Standards Resources


Blogs and News Resources

Dark Reading – – Dark Reading is one place to find articles on information security.

Krebs On Security – – A very well done security blog by Brian Krebs. He has a great deal of expertise in credit card related fraud, but covers also covers a variety of other types of fraud and hacking.

Security Tips, Guides and Courses

10 Apache Hardening Tips Tips for improving Apache security.

AD Security – – AD Security is a site dedicated to Active Directory security and a great resource for those working in Windows environments.

Cybrary – – Free information security classes.

OSCP Tips – – Tips for those going after the OSCP.

Standards and Best Practices

NIST –  The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides a wide range of standards that can be used as a framework, or guide to better securing various aspects of an organization.

SANS – – SANS is a great resource for security information. Checkout the Resources section of the site to find free articles, webcasts and etc. They also provide security training and certifications that are well regarded, but not cheap.